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Agenda web is a website that will give you a lot of vocabulary. Sometimes we say that to memorize the vocabulary is difficult, but with this website you will love the vocabulary. Though you have learnt a lot of vocabulary, you always forget. It might cause that you are not really embedded in your mind.

On the other hand, you want to master English as well as you can, but because of your problem in memorizing the vocabulary, you will not easy to master English. In this website, you will easy in memorizing vocabulary with fun technics , such as you have games according to your topic that you choose. For example, when you will see the vocabulary, and you choose a topic, you will play a game, it’s kind of you drag the vocabulary into the proper picture.

Other advantages of this website are not only gives vocabulary exercise (called as a game), but also there are a lot of English materials that we will get from it, such as grammar in use, explanations of verb in use, songs, listening, reading, video, and also learning materials.

In addition, the materials in this website aren’t only provides for an adult, children might have this to encourage their English study.

In conclusion, this website is really helpful  for your studying in English, you can learn English with the different skill that it provides. So, don’t worry to master English, this website will guide you become a master English.

Posted by : Laely Istiqomah (F12112011)


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